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          An overused word in the business community.
         Used for everything from watering your plants to firing your staff. 
      My meaning... Helping you` make your business profitable
    ... and more enjoyable

 Do you have specific problems you are aware of,

 or are you just working to hard? 


What changes in structure, procedure, equipment or policies, will result in the most rapid improvement in profits?



Business Consulting  -  Computer Consulting

Contract and Proposal Review and Negotiation  



Business Review  and Analysis

Understand your profitability (or lack of it) 

        Improve your bottom line

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Purchase Analysis

Let an expert review your purchase plans and contract.

Before you sign !







Review Your Needs with an Independent Consultant


Not with the salesman's consultants ! 



Evaluation includes Site Planning, hardware software, construction, electrical power, personnel,  communications, backup, recovery, networking, and more





Expertise in Redundant Fault Tolerant  Servers (computers that do not fail), and Unix-Windows Integration


Specialty Areas of Expertise

Investment Technology

Portfolio Management

Security Analysis & Selection





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